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  • NCBA Pilot Program for Public Defenders, District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys
    At the Spring 2008 meeting of the North Carolina Bar Association Board of Governors, a three-year pilot program was approved, offering state and federal public defenders (elected and appointed), district attorneys and assistant district attorneys a subsidy to cover 25% of their annual membership dues to the North Carolina Bar Association. Click here for the application.

The Criminal Justice Section is dedicated to helping all North Carolina criminal lawyers-defense attorneys, prosecutors, and judges-better serve our clients and our state. Our Continuing Legal Education programs update practitioners on changes in the law and probe deeply into specialized areas. Our quarterly newsletter, The True Bill, is a valuable source of practical knowledge. And we have designed this web page to consolidate, in one place, links and information specially tailored for North Carolina criminal attorneys. We want it to be your home page.

No other organization is dedicated to bringing together, under one umbrella, the entire North Carolina criminal bar. Thus, the Criminal Justice Section, currently with 781 members, is uniquely positioned to identify areas of agreement among prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges, and to seek solutions that benefit the entire criminal justice system. Please join us as we work together for liberty and justice.

The Criminal Justice Section's website includes the following information:

Calendar - contains a listing of Section Council meeting dates, Section Annual meeting dates, and other Section-related events dates, locations, times, and event descriptions.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) - contains section-specific Continuing Legal Education (CLE) information including upcoming programs and publications when available.

Governance - contains the Criminal Justice section's governing documents including the purpose statement and bylaws.

Join/Renew - contains an online application form for joining this section.

Leadership - contains information from the section's leadership including the section officers, section council, committee chairs, and meeting minutes when available.

ListManager – is a communication tool that offers its members the opportunity to post suggestions, comments or questions to a large number of people at the same time.

Newsletters - contains the section's newsletters, which may be password-protected as determined by the section leadership.

Resources - contains section-specific legal resources including access to Fastcase® / PJI, online links / references, publications (e.g., forms, brochures, booklets, etc.), articles, legislative issues, and other information when available.

NCBA - Information about the North Carolina Bar Association's leaders, staff contacts, map/driving tools, and links to other sections, divisions as well as NCBA's home page.

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